CJ International Corporation was founded in 1987 and is a U.S. based, employee-owned, multi-faceted company that supplies products and provides contract manufacturing and consulting services to its international and domestic customers in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, military, automotive, industrial, environmental and electronics.  

Our Company is comprised of teams of specialists, including engineers and sales experts, who have a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise in specific programs, industries, economies and cultures.  

Through our extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers both in the U.S. and abroad, we are able to provide low-cost, high-quality, hard-to-find parts and components, assemblies, raw materials, chemicals and OEM parts. In addition, with our contract manufacturing and consulting services, you can eliminate the complexities and risks of international sourcing and manufacturing. Our team of qualified engineers works with you to determine the most cost-effective design and production methods to improve your bottom line. Plus, our partners are certified to meet domestic and international standards for manufacturing and quality control. The majority of our suppliers operate under ISO 9001 guidelines, with capabilities to generate PPAP and process control documentation utilizing electronic monitoring devices. Our quality control objective is zero defects beyond Six Sigma for all delivered parts.  

CJ International coordinates the logistics for all ocean, air and ground transportation. We provide efficient export packaging including Hazmat packing and shipping, IPPC/HT treatment specifications for wooden crates, IATA documentation, kitting, LTA/JIT/AOG, as well as any required export license. In addition, our buying power allows us to achieve lower freight costs by consolidating shipping containers. 


 CJ International, Inc. DBA ECOM Tech. has developed a reputation as a prime supplier to the U.S. and foreign government and as a subcontractor to such companies as Litton industries and Magnavox. CJ International has provided AN/PRC-77 and AN/VRC-12 systems and spares assemblies in this role, including the advanced 25 KHz Channel spaced radio described below:

CJ International has developed technology, which affords mean to upgrade current systems by providing for double radio channel spacing. This advanced development demonstrates the same rugged reliability, ease of operation and versatility as the AN/PRC-77 Radio, but offers a unit capable of providing 1840 operation channel, utilizing advanced design concepts. CJ International has designated this unit as the AN/PRC-7725 Radio Set.

Also developed is a vehicular system employing the PRC-7725, with the added feature of a dramatic boost in power output. This system has been designated to the AN/VRC-7750 Tactical Communications System. An added dimension of the system is its adaptability as a fixed base station.


 Several programs, reflective of the hundreds implemented at CJ International and indicative of the breadth of manufacturing and support capabilities, are shown below: 


  • Litton Industries – As subcontractor on a U.S. Government (Navy) program, CJ International produced RF-524/VRC Receiver Transmitters (Part of the AN/VRC-12 Tactical Communications system) and interfacing accessories for a command and control system.
  • Magnavox – As subcontractor on a U.S. Government (Army) program, CJ International produced elements of the AN/VRC-12 Tactical communications, including the RT-524 Receiver Transmitter, AS-1729 Antenna System and mounts (MT-1898 and MT-1029).
  • Raven Industries – As subcontractor for a U.S. Army (CECOM) program, CJ International supplied a variety of assemblies and components for multi-year AN/VRC-12 logistics support effort.
  • U.S. Government – Produced a battery box assembly for a peripheral security system applicable to sensitive facilities. AB-591/PRC-25 antenna support assemblies also were delivered in quantity.
  • Croatia – Produced and delivered AN/PRC-77 Radio System, including Ancillary Equipment (AT-892 and AT-271 Antennas, ST-138 Harness, H-189 Handset, and CW-503 Accessories ES bag).
  • Pakistan (DGDP) – Produced/Delivered a variety of VRC-12 modules and components.
  •  National Radio Telecommunication Corporation (Pakistan) – CJ International relationship with this organization dates back to 1995. NRTC was charged with the task of restarting the production of the AN/PRC-77 radio set by the Government. CJ International initial order covered the production of 50 sets of the radios most critical modules. This order was completed in record time to the complete satisfaction of NRTC. Subsequently, CJ International has received annual orders for material kits and peripheral equipment on continuous basis. Additionally, we have supported NRTC’s efforts to upgrade the radio by supplying engineering change proposals, revised drawing package and technical assistance.
  • Ethiopia – Produced/Delivered a wide variety of AN/PRC-77 modules and other components on numbers of different contracts.
  • Thailand – In addition to producing a wide range of PRC-77 modules and other assemblies, CJ International designed, developed, and produced base station test sets applicable to the AN/PRC-77 and VRC-12 Tactical communication systems.
  • Algeria – Support anther U.S. Company by producing approximately 200 sets of a number of the most critical PRC-77 modules.
  • South Korea – Supported communication equipment and avionics program which included the fabrication of a number of PRC-77 and AN/VRC-12 subsystems/assemblies and other logistic support.
  • Saudi Arabia – For more than 15 years, CJI has supported a range of communication equipment which included the fabrication of a number of subsystem/assemblies and other logistic support for the Ministry of Defence covering the follow areas:

                     - AN/VRC-12 VHF Tactical Communication System.

                     - GRC-103 Long Range Communication System.

                     - MD-110 Ericsson Radio

                     - M-RK Harris Radio

                     - TA-312A / TA-1 Telephone Systems.

                     - Batteries (BA-5598/U, BB-586/U), battery chargers, power supply units for                                              vehicular communication units

                     - WD-1 Cable

                     - Technical data and other logistic support.